Live Free.

Jim McDermott’s Position Statement:

Purple Jim


Military: Military action should only be employed when our homeland is threatened. We should not use our military service members as the world’s police. I would like to see our military employed to help better secure our own borders.

Immigration: I believe we ought to allow for a more free flow of immigration via work-visas for those who can find work & contribute to our society. Especially recent university graduates with degrees in highly sought after fields of industry need.

Drugs: I believe that marijuana ought to be regulated in the same manner as alcohol. I would rather see some of our nation’s wealth spent on educating our people on the danger of alcohol & drug abuse, rather than spent on incarcerating our people for marijuana use & sales. The many billions of dollars saved can then be used to enhance our society and reduce the tax burden on our citizens.

Law Making: We are a nation of laws but also a nation of redundancy within our legal system. We need to re-examine national laws to ensure only the needed & relevant laws are in place.

Crime: Let’s help law breakers through positive rehabilitation programs, and not allow the worst of the worst to prey over other inmates.

Foreign Aid: Our government needs to stop giving billions of our tax dollars to nations whose governments are hostile to our way of life and our cultural values.

Government: End crony capitalism between big government & big business.

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